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RDL Strings Rental Program

RDL Strings offers the most flexible rental program in the industry. Here are a few of the features that make RDL Strings the #1 renter of stringed instruments in the Bangor area:

  • No long-term contracts. Rent for as long as you need the instrument, return at any time.
  • Rent an instrument that meets your needs and your budget. Rentals range from $18.00/ month to $40.00/ month. (Higher with special approval.)
  • Wonderful purchase option - up to 100% of rental payments can be credited towards purchase!
  • Industries' best trade-back policy - Most instruments you purchase from RDL Strings can be traded back at 100% of purchase price towards an instrument of larger size or better quality at any time. This makes the purchase decision easier at all levels and makes the transition to larger sizes a snap!
Contact us and find out why last year 100% of all the first violin section of both Bangor and Orono high School Orchestras began with a rental from RDL Strings.
We support you at every stage and every level from beginning student to professional musician.

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